Today we are delighted to inaugurate the Pylon Community ecosystem with the incorporation of self-consumption engineering, Uhin Energia Aholkularitza, from the Basque Country.

Uhin Energia Aholkularitza will be the first company to join and its addition will signify the genesis of the Pylon Community — the ecosystem of renewable energy communities.

Uhin will utilize the tools developed by Pylon for collective self-consumption schemes and energy communities.

Uhin Energia Aholkularitza: an experienced service company in the green energy sector

Uhin Energia Aholkularitza is an independent energy engineering and consultancy, with experience in the energy sector since 1997, dedicated exclusively to energy efficiency and renewable energy since 2007. …

We want to bring self-consumption to 100% of the market. The only way is through the empowerment of the final consumer and this will only be possible through the use of digital tools, capable of offering added value to the sector…

Welcome to Pylon Community!

Collective photovoltaic self-consumption models are key for any consumer to have access to cheap, renewable and local energy.

Pylon Community will facilitate and accelerate the implementation of such models, making technological tools available to the different actors as a means to empower, share, create and enhance our sense of community.

Pylon Community is an open space for activating, joining…

We had the opportunity to speak at À Punt Mèdia 📺 about #PylonNetwork’s efforts to accelerate the #energy transition by offering #consumer-centric services that simplify their lives.

In the interview, the PYLON team explained the importance of data ina time when new electricity rates are being introduced to the market for consumers, and #collective self-consumption schemes and energy communities are spreading throughout Spain — as a first step towards a democratized energy system and market.

Check out the interview (in Spanish) which aired on the central news of Wednesday February 24, during the evening news

Stay tuned. Stay connected. Share the energy.

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At a glance…

  • On Dec 30th 2020, we released the first demo of the two use cases and applications of Pylon Neutral Data Hub (NDH) in the energy sector — see here.
  • Today we are happy to release a new, updated version of the demonstration.
  • In this use case, consumers can securely store their data sharing consent on Pylon’s blockchain and use their private key to access their own data.
  • The demo can be accessed via this link. A short description of the use case and the steps you need to follow are explained below.

Demonstration of Use Case #1

In the first demo of Pylon Network, electricity…

Starting the new year we took a pause. We reflected on the distance we have covered over the past year and the path we are setting for the year to come — and for the future.

In our Manifesto, which was published on the first day of the year (see here ), we have reflected the outcomes from our reflections.

The following lines offer an overview of the most important moments of 2020, followed by the milestones and objectives set for 2021.


Review of 2020

Organization of Webinars & Publication of Technical White Papers

Two webinars which attracted +2,500 people from a wide professional spectrum, evidence of the interest in the…

If 2020 taught us one thing, this was the importance of the social structures that provide resilience in our everyday lives. Resilience in how we organize our communities, our economies and society.

At Pylon Network , we always like to focus on the positive side of things and one of the most positive things that we can keep from this year, is how this crisis obliged us to reflect on our ways of life, both at collective and personal level.

We have made our own reflections, about what we want to achieve, how we are planning to achieve our targets…

Today, we are happy to publish a document to present the use cases of Pylon Network, particularly, the applications and respective demonstrations of Pylon Network Neutral Data Hub (NDH), powered by Pylon Blockchain technology.

The full pdf version can be accessed via this link.

Accompanying the document, we are also releasing a number of tools and dashboards to demonstrate the first use case of Pylon Network: storing the data sharing consent of consumers (mandate of representation), between them and other energy stakeholders (e.g. Energy Service Companies, Municipalities or Administrations).

The following lines will provide a presentation of the three (3) demo tools and walk you through their usage, step by step.

1. Uploading energy data on Pylon NDH

Users that wish to upload energy data on Pylon’s blockchain demo, need to complete the form by accessing this page.

Claim your discount and be one of the genesis Federated Nodes of Pylon Network!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Pylon’s Whitelist for the Federated Nodes. We remind you that by getting whitelisted you are eligible for a 30% discount on the staking cost for setting up a Federated Node.

Read everything you need to know for the Whitelisting process in the following lines.

The Registration Process

  • Make sure you have all the information about the PYLNT wallet you wish to use for the process: most importantly, your private key securely saved.
  • Enter all the required information in this form, after reading all the instructions at the top.
  • In the form, you are required…

Last June, we announced an update on our tokenomics, which was aimed at:

  • Clarifying the significance of PYLNC in the Pylon ecosystem in the longer term.
  • Clarifying the role and intrinsic value of PYLNC and the surrounding infrastructure (i.e. federated nodes) and the relationship between PYLNT & PYLNC.
  • Offering further clarifications on how Pylon plans to disrupt the energy sector in the long term (starting from EU).

Today, we are happy to release the updated version of our token paper, which reflects these updates.

The token paper has been published on our website and can be found here.

This post provides a summary of its highlights, which follows. Enjoy!

1. Becoming a federated node

Anyone can become a federated node by staking the required amount of PYLNT. The staking amount…

While the end of this peculiar year (to say the least) is fast approaching, the Pylon team is ramping up the engines for a rewarding and impactful closure. The following lines offer a summary of the past month and an outlook of last 30 days of the year.


Highlights of November 2020

November was a month full of events. On the aftermath of the webinar we organized back in October, the Pylon team was busy showcasing the innovative digital solutions of PylonData to the participants of three online events.

#Renovathon Round-Table Organized by Greenpeace

Pylon Network

Pylon Network is a neutral energy database by-design. Our aim: to instigate cooperation in the digitalized energy sector - #Blockchain #EnergyWise $PYLNT $PYLNC

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