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2 min readApr 23, 2021

Today we are delighted to inaugurate the Pylon Community ecosystem with the incorporation of self-consumption engineering, Uhin Energia Aholkularitza, from the Basque Country.

Uhin Energia Aholkularitza will be the first company to join and its addition will signify the genesis of the Pylon Community — the ecosystem of renewable energy communities.

Uhin will utilize the tools developed by Pylon for collective self-consumption schemes and energy communities.

Uhin Energia Aholkularitza: an experienced service company in the green energy sector

Uhin Energia Aholkularitza is an independent energy engineering and consultancy, with experience in the energy sector since 1997, dedicated exclusively to energy efficiency and renewable energy since 2007. The objective has always been to promote energy and natural resource sustainability.

Their portfolio of services includes:

1. Design of thermal installations, consulting, projects and construction management.
2. Feasibility studies, projects and management of renewable energy works (biomass, geothermal energy, solar thermal and photovoltaic energy…).
3. Simulation and management of shared photovoltaic self-consumption, aimed at energy communities, communities of owners, individuals, SMEs, Town Halls…
4. Optimization of electricity supplies, in order to reduce the electricity bill. Optimal power, the most appropriate rate and the best market price. Aimed at energy communities, communities of owners, individuals, SMEs, Town Halls…
5. Financing for the construction of PPA Photovoltaic projects, (in which the owner of the space in which the installation is located does not invest, once the installation is amortized, it passes into the hands of the owner of the space in which the installation is located).
6. Processing of funds and subsidies.
7. Courses on renewable energy and environmental awareness.
8. Energy consulting in rehabilitation and new construction.
Energy audits. Residential, industrial, tertiary, hospitality sectors.
9. Consulting on energy sovereignty.

Pylon Community Talks: feat. Uhin Energia Aholkularitza

To learn more about this cooperation, we sat down with the director of Uhin Energia Aholkularitza, Rafa Irastorza, and asked him about the potential benefits (and challenges) of local energy communities, his vision on local energy communities, the role of Uhin Energia Aholkilaritza in the future. of this sector and the reasons why Uhin Energia Aholkularitza decided to join the Pylon Community ecosystem.

Check out the full interview [in Spanish]:

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