Highlights of November & Outlook of December 2020

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5 min readDec 4, 2020

While the end of this peculiar year (to say the least) is fast approaching, the Pylon team is ramping up the engines for a rewarding and impactful closure. The following lines offer a summary of the past month and an outlook of last 30 days of the year.


Highlights of November 2020

November was a month full of events. On the aftermath of the webinar we organized back in October, the Pylon team was busy showcasing the innovative digital solutions of PylonData to the participants of three online events.

#Renovathon Round-Table Organized by Greenpeace

The event was organize by Greenpeace and is described as a “collective intelligence marathon” in search of innovative ideas to eradicate energy poverty and transition to a fairer and more inclusive energy system. It addresses to people from all backgrounds, who want to bet on building a 100% renewable, intelligent, efficient energy system in the hands of the people , democratizing energy to build a more just and inclusive system.

The round-table brought together innovative organizations that are addressing this challenge, to act as an inspiration for the participants, ahead of the hackathon. Among those organizations was PylonData.

Our CEO, Gerard Bel, presented the opportunities and barriers of the sector’s digitalization process in relation to the engagement and participation of the final consumer.

Check out the closing remarks of Gerard in the short video above. The full #renovathon round-table session (with the participation of ECODES, the Alliance Against Energy Poverty, ECOOO and Greenpeace) can be found here:

Effie Virtual Congress 2020

Effie Virtual Congress an innovative event in a VR environment that can be accessed from a device with an Internet connection and that brings together in a single space the different stakeholders of the energy efficiency sector such as distributors, manufacturers, energy services and self-consumption.

Our CEO, Gerard Bel, was virtually there to present the key aspects of collective self-consumption in Spain, offering insights from PylonData journey and the roll-out of digital tools for the energy sector — and the collective self-consumption space, in particular.

POWERTY International Seminar Organized by Andalucian Energy Agency

POWERTY is a project supported by Interreg Europe, which is run by a working group of more than 30 entities from various EU countries, which are related to renewable energies and energy poverty (including the European Observatory of Energy Poverty).

Our CEO, Gerard Bel, presented the vision of PylonData during the first day (24 November) of the seminar, focusing on the importance of consumer-centered software development for the energy transition and the critical role that granular data and its optimized management have to play for collective self-consumption and local energy communities.

Outlook of December 2020

The spotlight moves exclusively to the Collective Self-Consumpion (CSC) use case and the development of our blockchain technology for the needs of the CSC market! This focus is epitomized by the launch of Pylon’s blockchain (Mainnet), which is entering the homestretch stage this month.

In relation to this big milestone, two more actions will forego the Mainnet launch: the release of the updated Token Paper and the launch of the Whitelist for Federated Nodes.

Updated Token Paper

The updated version of the Token Paper will reflect the tokenomics changes that were announced earlier this year and will signal the commercial approach and implementation of Pylon’s technology in the use case of CSC and the market of Local Energy Communities (LEC).

Whitelist for Pylon’s Federated Nodes

The Whitelist for the first Federated Nodes of Pylon Network will open to all interested parties. Anyone will be able to register to receive a 30% discount on the cost of setting up a node. This means that whitelisted nodes will require a staking amount of 3,500 PYLNT, instead of 5,000 PYLNT.

Once the Whitelist opens to the public, it will remain open for a period of time that will allow everyone to express their interest, until the launch of Mainnet — at which point no new entries will be allowed.

The exact process of registering to the Whitelist will be communicated few days before its launch via our channels. The exact process of staking the necessary PYLNT and mounting a node is explained in the updated Token Paper.

Launch of Pylon Network Mainnet

The work and preparations for the Mainnet launch are in full swing during the last weeks of the year: our technical team is carrying out the last tests and refinements in the design of smart contracts, the blockchain explorer and the the distribution process of PYLNC to federated nodes and PYLNT holders.

This is a very exciting stage for the project and for the team. We are soaring with enthusiasm for the future and can’t wait to show it to the World!

So, join the conversation in the channels below and find out more about the path of Pylon towards the energy transition and the digitalization of the energy sector for the benefit of the final consumers.

Stay tuned. Stay connected. Stay updated.

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