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2 min readApr 1, 2021

We want to bring self-consumption to 100% of the market. The only way is through the empowerment of the final consumer and this will only be possible through the use of digital tools, capable of offering added value to the sector…

Welcome to Pylon Community!

Collective photovoltaic self-consumption models are key for any consumer to have access to cheap, renewable and local energy.

Pylon Community will facilitate and accelerate the implementation of such models, making technological tools available to the different actors as a means to empower, share, create and enhance our sense of community.

Pylon Community is an open space for activating, joining or promoting a renewable energy project in a distributed and collective way.

With automation and digital data analysis tools we will help connect consumers, companies and administrations, align their efforts to reach the entire market and facilitate the creation and management of energy communities.


  • Pylon Community is the portal that brings together all the actors that surround the collective models of distributed energy. It facilitates their interactions and empowers them with consumer-centric technology and digital tools, based on simplicity, neutrality and data privacy.
  • The ecosystem of energy communities will also serve to test the management of collective self-consumption through Pylon blockchain technology.
  • Over the following weeks we will be announcing the first actors joining Pylon Community!
  • The Pylon Community portal will continue to evolve, bringing together more and more actors in its ecosystem and enriching digital tools and features for energy communities.

Stay connected. Stay updated. Share the energy.

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Pylon Network

Pylon Network is a neutral energy database by-design. Our aim: to instigate cooperation in the digitalized energy sector - #Blockchain #EnergyWise $PYLNT $PYLNC