Pylon Network: A Review of 2020 & Outlook for 2021

Review of 2020

Organization of Webinars & Publication of Technical White Papers

Updated Tokenomics & Token Paper

Preview of the new branding of Pylon — Official launch to come

Presentation of Pylon Use Cases

  • On Dec 30th 2020, we released a document which presents the two use cases of Pylon Network and the applications of its Neutral Data Hub (NDH) in the energy sector.
  • Our blog post for the use cases of Pylon Network, can be found here. The full pdf version can be found here.

Demonstration of Use Case #1

  • Username: community
  • Password: demo_community


  • We remind you that by getting whitelisted you are eligible for a 30% discount on the staking cost for setting up a Federated Node. This means that instead of 5,000 PYLNT you will need to stake 3,500 PYLNT for each Federated Node.
  • For completing the registration form, you are required to indicate the number of nodes you wish to run. There is no limitation in the number of nodes that one person can operate.
  • The Whitelist will remain open until the Mainnet launch. Once the Mainnet is launched, the Whitelist will close and no new registrations will be accepted.

PYLON Manifesto

Articles and opinions

Outlook for 2021

  • Demonstrate use cases with real customers.
  • Enable the participation of the first companies in Pylon’s ecosystem.
  • Launch of Pylon MainNet

Staking process for FN

New branding official launch (new logo, new websites)

Demonstration of Use Case #2

Pylon.COMMUNITY Official Launch


  • Release information, smart contract, manuals and promo material for the PYLNC distribution processes.
  • Release technical performance test reports for Pylon blockchain.
  • Launch Mainnet and migrate all demos to commercial operation (NDH).
  • Continue onboarding energy communities — increase the transactions taking place in the NDH.

Beyond Mainnet

Stay tuned. Stay connected. Share the energy.

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Pylon Network

Pylon Network

Pylon Network is a neutral energy database by-design. Our aim: to instigate cooperation in the digitalized energy sector - #Blockchain #EnergyWise $PYLNT $PYLNC