Pylon Network and eGEO close a collaboration agreement for the development of a certified energy meter

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4 min readMay 11, 2018
  • Pylon Network and eGEO close a collaboration agreement for the development of a certified energy meter.

The team of Pylon Network and eGEO join forces and close a collaboration for the development of a certified energy meter called — METRON- which will integrate blockchain and the Pyloncoin payment method.

Today, we are delighted to announce one more collaboration which validates the interest of all energy sector stakeholders on the innovative aspects of Pylon Network! At the same time it gives a clear signal of our belief in international cooperation for a global paradigm shift in the energy sector! Today, we announce the collaboration with an innovator in the smart grids infrastructure sectoreGeo.

eGeo is a provider and manufacturer of energy efficiency and home automation tools & services. The company engages in the research and development of embedded systems for applications in robotics, smart grid, internet of things, systems control, energy efficiency and home automation technologies. With an extensive professional and supply network in Europe and S. America the collaboration will offer additional value for the project and an invaluable partner for our future! Furthermore, their innovative, high-accuracy smart meters possess the highest level of certification — 0.2S Class — including certification within the EU region. At the same time, eGeo’s meters, which are equipped with anti-temper technologies, offer up to 20 modes of ensuring the integrity, transparency and accuracy of the energy data collected by METRON.

What does this collaboration mean? It means that two innovative teams are joining their forces to demonstrate the full decentralization of energy data.

In few words:

Klenergy and eGeo will jointly develop two versions of METRON (METRON.One y METRON.Analyzer) with the hardware technology that eGeo already has. The main focus of the collaboration will be on the development of a commercial, utility-certified energy meter — which could replace the monitoring equipment installed by the electric companies. More info here

Participation in the demo project with GoiEner: During the next 6 months, together with eGeo, we will develop and implement four (4) critical aspects of the commercial version of Pylon Network — applied directly to the demo stage of Pylon’s development with members of GoiEner. These critical aspects, are:

  • Integration of Pylon core and software in eGeo’s hardware
  • Payment method
  • Demand response integration
  • Quality assurance and certification of METRON.

The two teams will collaborate to achieve a number of milestones regarding, not only the demonstration stage, but also the steps after — moving into the commercialization stage of Pylon Network and METRON. In more detail, the milestones to be achieved are the following:

  • Integration of eGeo’s innovative anti-tempering protocols.
  • Integration of the protocols of communication/API
  • Integration of smart sockets control — to enable demand response implementation.
  • Support from eGeo team during the development of the pilot.

We are delighted for being in the position to make this announcement today. We know that the news will be received with enthusiasm by the Pylon Network community and we are happy when our community is happy! So, today we welcome eGeo in Pylon family! Looking forward to building a bright, decentralized and sustainable energy future, together!

PYLON NETWORK. The revolution will not be centralized.

#Peace #Love and #Renewables

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