Pylon Network Manifesto

If 2020 taught us one thing, this was the importance of the social structures that provide resilience in our everyday lives. Resilience in how we organize our communities, our economies and society.

At Pylon Network , we always like to focus on the positive side of things and one of the most positive things that we can keep from this year, is how this crisis obliged us to reflect on our ways of life, both at collective and personal level.

We have made our own reflections, about what we want to achieve, how we are planning to achieve our targets and accomplish our mission; most importantly, we have been reflecting on why we are doing what we do.

This reflection process has led to the compilation of our manifesto. And today, the first day of a new year with particular significance for the development of Pylon Network, we are releasing it signifying a new era for Pylon Network!

You can access and download the Pylon Network manifesto document here.

Our mission is to leave Pylon Network as a legacy to the energy transition and to empower consumers and energy communities in the era of digitalization: an open digital ecosystem governed by its own users, not by its investors. Driven by value from utility, not by speculation.

This will be the year that signifies the beginning of an equally exciting and challenging journey — and we can’t wait!

We wish you all a happy New Year full of love, creativity and resilience. May it be the year of consciousness and positive impact for a common future.

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Pylon Network is a neutral energy database by-design. Our aim: to instigate cooperation in the digitalized energy sector - #Blockchain #EnergyWise $PYLNT $PYLNC

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Pylon Network

Pylon Network

Pylon Network is a neutral energy database by-design. Our aim: to instigate cooperation in the digitalized energy sector - #Blockchain #EnergyWise $PYLNT $PYLNC

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