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2 min readFeb 19, 2021

At a glance…

  • On Dec 30th 2020, we released the first demo of the two use cases and applications of Pylon Neutral Data Hub (NDH) in the energy sector — see here.
  • Today we are happy to release a new, updated version of the demonstration.
  • In this use case, consumers can securely store their data sharing consent on Pylon’s blockchain and use their private key to access their own data.
  • The demo can be accessed via this link. A short description of the use case and the steps you need to follow are explained below.

Demonstration of Use Case #1

In the first demo of Pylon Network, electricity consumers are recording their consent for sharing their data on the blockchain (Neutral Data Hub).

Once the consumer’s data is on the Neutral Data Hub it is registered in a transaction hash, encrypted and can only be accessed (i.e. decrypted) with the use of the unique private key.

In a digitalized energy sector consumers’ energy data are the backbone of consumer-centered services and markets; their enabler is the ability of consumers to share these data in a simple, transparent and secure way.

The first use case of Pylon Network demonstrates the ability of the Neutral Data Hub to facilitate this process, enabling the creation of a digital service ecosystem, designed to empower consumers and energy communities.

Ready to give it a try? Follow these steps

  • 1. Users that wish to upload energy data on Pylon’s blockchain demo, need to complete the form by accessing this page. Instructions for both Spanish and non-Spanish citizens are provided.
  • 2. Soon after completing the form and authorizing the upload of your demo consent on Pylon Neutral Data Hub, you will receive an email to the address provided.
  • 3. The email will contain the information you will need to access your own data in Pylon NDH: the hash (unique identification number) of the transaction, your private key (password), and a direct link to Pylon’s blockchain explorer.
  • 4. By clicking on the link, you will be taken directly to the blockchain transaction that contains your (encrypted) data sharing consent. Use your private key to decrypt it and reveal the information you inserted in the form.
  • 5. Furthermore, we have created a public dashboard offering a real time update of all transactions taking place in Pylon Network’s blockchain demo, which can be accessed here. To log in, use the following credentials:
  • Username: community
  • Password: demo_community

The demo can be accessed via this link.

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