Review Of February — Outlook Of March 2020

As every month, Pylon Network offers a review of the highlights for the past month and a preview of what’s to expect for the coming month.

With February 2020 being part of History and March 2020 about to unfold, this is your monthly dosage of Pylon Network!



Due to the very ambitious energy regulation reform that has been taking place in Spain over the past months, this year the interest and attractiveness of Genera was over the roof!

It did not come as a surprise that the most hot topic (which was sparked by the new regulations) was the collective self-consumption market and its future potential in Spain.

Pylon team was — of course — there during all the days of the event and had the chance to listen to several presentations and engage with several energy stakeholders from the self-consumption space — and not only.

Collective self-consumption & blockchain: the added-value for their market operation (VIDEO)

A neutral energy data hub for the transparent and secure/private sharing of energy data (consumption & production) among various market stakeholders who surround the operation of collective self-consumption schemes.

See the full video, here:

With the addition of this video, our self-consumption playlist also got updated. You can find the full playlist here.

Meet our new CFO: Paco Negre!

The first announcement was that of Paco Negre being appointed as CFO, after several years as our advisor.

Paco carries a long successful history in entrepreneurship, business and strategic innovation and an equally impressive track record as an investor.

You can read more about Paco and his resumé in our blog post, here.

Meet our new Chairman: Javier Cervera!

We met Javier through our collaboration in the self-consumption project that he has been leading and we are delighted, few months later, to have him on board.

Having him as a new member in our family — with his top-professional knowledge & experience from the energy energy sector — makes us honored, proud and impatient for what the future holds!

You can read more about Javier’s experience and background in our blog post, here.

Listing DEX: Confirmed listing & Reveal the name of the exchange on March.

Stay tuned and patient until Friday — we will be announcing it via all our channels! Until then, you can show your anticipation by upvoting the calendar event, here.

Pylon Analysis: The new tariffs for electricity consumers in Spain

However, it implies some deep changes in the love — hate relationship between consumers and the electricity suppliers (aka. retailers)

This is why we published an opinion article on the new regulations and the trends & strategies that we start to see unfolding.

Read our full article, here.

MARCH 2020


The winners of 2019 demonstrate how content driven digital solutions decisively support the transformation to a knowledge society and also assist to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

From March 8–11 in Vienna, the WSA Global Congress will be taking place and Pylon team will be there and be part of it — presenting Pylon Network in a panel of UN officials, government representatives and within a global pool of innovative ideas and talent with social impact.

We are looking forward to a truly global event — find out more about the WSA, here.

Reveal the name of the the DEX & DEX listing

Stay tuned via our social media and digital communication channels — found below.

Effie solar virtual conference

Effie solar is a virtual conference, which takes place in a 3D-VR space. You can find more info here:

Our CEO, Gerard Bel, will be joining a great panel with other energy experts to present the lessons from our journey in the self-consumption market.

More content on market trends, regulation & Pylon Network’s interests

The regulation changes keep coming, so much that it’s becoming hard to be fully caught up. Not to worry though, Pylon Network is here to help you out.

More insights & analyses, videos & articles are coming up this month!

Stay updated. Stay connected.

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