Summary of November & Outlook of December

With the end of the year approaching fast, the month of November was as busy and exciting as we could wish for. The wave of energy communities and energy “collectivization”, but many other exciting things took place in this full month.

At the same time, we are entering the last month of 2019 and some important updates are coming up in the month of December.

In the following lines, you will find the highlights of the past month and what to expect for the month ahead.

Enjoy the read!


This is why at the beginning of the month we took the chance to interview Javier Cervera, the manager of the collective self-consumption installation, in the Valencian region of Spain, powered by Pylon Network. We asked him about his project, his expert opinion on the future of collective self-consumption and the value offered to his project by Pylon Network’s (blockchain) technology and team.

We were proudly mentioned in various Spanish media, for delivering energy efficiency impact for local communities: the Valencian Municipality of Canet achieved a 12% reduction on their annual electricity costs, with the support of simple, consumer-centered and consumer-friendly energy services of Pylon Network!

Pylon Network has been nominated for the Green Tech category of the World Summit Awards! We are proud for representing Spain as the best green energy digital solution contributing to United Nations’ SDG.

To find out more about the competition and the next steps of the evaluation process, click here.

All the exciting developments on the space of collective self-consumption (and not only), we were able to share in a number of events and conferences:


The Unconference

Valencia Startup Week — Barrio La Pinada event

Last month we gladly announced the partnership with the French IT/energy company, Energisme. This month we wrote more about this synergy in our blog, here.

Furthermore, our CCO, Markos Romanos, had a follow up interview with TheEnergyBit media outlet and discussed about the latest developments in Pylon Network. Read the full interview here.’

Last but nor least, just few days ago we announced the launch of the official Pylon wallets! The released date is coming Wednesday, the 4th of December and we can’t wait to share it with our community!

Read the outlook of December below to find out more about the wallets.


The official Pylon wallets will be released on December 4th. The first official version of our wallets will only be in desktop version (not mobile). Three desktop versions will be released, for different operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.

As we showed in some screenshots that we shared in our Telegram community last week, the wallets’ design is simple, light and focuses on the simplicity of its operation.

Together with the release of the wallets, we will publish a tutorial for the installation, operation and security processes around it.

We have been intensifying our efforts and conversations to close a listing for $PYLNT. As we had informed you in our previous newsletter, we were examining several exchanges and analyzing potential listings. We have been working flexibly and with urgency but always looking out for the best interest of the project to improve the availability of $PYLNT in relation to our market implementation.

We are happy to announce that we have confirmed and carried out all the steps for our first listing. Therefore, we are officially announcing that $PYLNT will be listed on Friday, 6th December. The full details about the listing, the exchange etc. will be announced tomorrow — Wednesday Dec 4.

Because of our focus on the matter and the importance for Pylon Network and the implementation of our blockchain technology on this space, we will release a number of informative visual material around collective self-consumption.

A number of events this month will be announced in the following days and weeks.

There are many reasons to stay tuned and updated with what is coming up this month for Pylon Network! So…

Stay updated.

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