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4 min readDec 30, 2020

Today, we are happy to publish a document to present the use cases of Pylon Network, particularly, the applications and respective demonstrations of Pylon Network Neutral Data Hub (NDH), powered by Pylon Blockchain technology.

The full pdf version can be accessed via this link.

Accompanying the document, we are also releasing a number of tools and dashboards to demonstrate the first use case of Pylon Network: storing the data sharing consent of consumers (mandate of representation), between them and other energy stakeholders (e.g. Energy Service Companies, Municipalities or Administrations).

The following lines will provide a presentation of the three (3) demo tools and walk you through their usage, step by step.

1. Uploading energy data on Pylon NDH

Users that wish to upload energy data on Pylon’s blockchain demo, need to complete the form by accessing this page.

Complete all the available fields and remember to click the checkbox for authorizing the data sharing process.

Please note, that for non-Spanish citizens (that do not have a CUPS and DNI numbers), we offer the two following CUPS and DNI numbers that they can used in conjunction with their own information for completing the form.

  • CUPS: ES0021000002546055TK
  • DNI: B12949459

Once all fields are completed, you are required to sign the form digitally.

Make sure to click on the Save button (“Guardar”) before hitting the Authorization button.

Once you click save and the confirmation appears, click on the “Authorize” button (“Autorizar”).

2. Tracking the validated transactions on Pylon explorer

All transactions with Pylon’s NDH can be tracked via Pylon’s blockchain explorer. Every time that energy data are uploaded on Pylon’s NDH, using the PylonData service, the transaction appears in the next confirmed block of Pylon’s blockchain — with the corresponding PYLNC fee for the transaction.

Such a case is shown in the screenshot below, where the transaction appears in the next block that is validated, few seconds after the data sharing authorization form is submitted successfully.

By clicking on the Height number, one can enter the block, where a more detailed representation of the transactions that took place within the block, took place. As shown in the following screenshot, the user can see the transaction that contain their encrypted data, together with the associated fees paid for this transaction (in PYLNC).

By clicking in the Transaction hash hyperlink (as shown above) we can then enter the following screen, containing more information about the individual transaction — including the ability to decrypt the energy data. However, in this demonstration, there are no private keys being generated for each transaction, which in turn means that the uploaded data are not accessible by anyone, including the Pylon team.

3. Tracking the validated transactions on the community dashboard (Kibana)

A publicly accessible visual dashboard has also been created (here), to offer a more user-friendly monitoring / visualization experience. The demo dashboard is using the open-source software Kibana, to extract and present the important information from Pylon’s explorer.

Once the page is accessed, you will be required to insert log in credentials to access the dashboard.

Use the following credentials for the log in process (as shown in following screenshot):

  • Username: community
  • Password: demo_community

By successfully logging in, you are directed to the homepage. In order to access the dashboard, click on the highlighted menu button on the left of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

By clicking there, you will be redirected to the dashboards homepage. Click on the only option available: “Global blockchain data”.

This will take you to the dashboard, providing you with an overview of Pylon’s NDH activity. Please note that you are able to change the period of data display from the top-right corner, as show in the screenshot below.

Access the full pdf version of the use cases presentation document here.

We hope you enjoy the demonstration tools for the first use case presentation of Pylon Network NDH. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us via the communication channels provided below.

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